Graduation Nation | the LauraKathryn Senior Portrait

We’ve all come a long way from that infamous blue background and the faux Greek columns, haven’t we?
I feel at liberty to poke fun at those, because for my senior portraits, I was photographed with both.
And a giant Styrofoam star that I sat on.
But that’s irrelevant.
I didn’t have the floating head though. I almost feel deprived from a life-altering experience in saying that I didn’t.Graduate portraits should be somewhat redemptive. You’ve arrived at the end of a very long road of yearly school photos that more than likely, were somewhat disheartening. The missing teeth, the bad haircuts, braces, zits, massive glasses, the strained grimace/smiles – every single year we were subjected to the drama of picture day. We got one shot, maybe two if we blinked, at a picture that would represent who we were in third grade for all eternity.
No pressure.
So, here comes your senior year. You’re on the very cusp of adulthood, the world is at your fingertips, your hopes and your dreams are fresh and alive.
You deserve a photograph that says so.
Because you made it.
You survived peeing your pants in K4.
You were summoned to the principals office TWICE in one day back in third grade and came out alive.
The oral book reports where only small squeaks would come out instead of words…the humiliation of always being one of the last kids picked for a game of baseball…the high school girls when you were in junior high…your mental block of Algebra…your first date with the guy who smelled like cheese…your summer job of child labor weeding Grandma’s 90 acre rose garden.
And you’re even more extraordinary than you think.
So these pictures will be different than any that have come before, that I can promise you. Graduate portraits celebrate the young person you’ve become, and the outstanding adult you have the potential to be. Each session is as unique as you are, because we’re focusing on all the right things.
And it won’t be a “sit down and do as I say” kind of session. Your passions, your ideas, your vision – those are things I want to hear about prior to and during your session. Those help me fashion a graduate collection all your own. One that is decidedly you, and no one but.
We’ll talk clothing, and location, and props that are the best fit for you- and we’ll climb that mountain of insecurity together. I’m not a professionally paid-model photographer. I do not expect you to love being in front of a camera.
I just ask you to trust me when I tell you that you are going to love your photographs.

For more information, check out my current Graduate Collections or say hello here.

What are your thoughts?

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