Kristen & Eric

Kristen and I have often teased that we’re really the same person, somehow ending up in two separate bodies. We rarely get surprised anymore when we order the same food, love the same movie, want to explore the same place. She’s been one of my dearest and closest friends for many years. You know, the kind that just sense when they need to call you and make sure you’re ok, without being asked.
Or send ridiculous GIFs to freak me out in the middle of a text conversation.
So being given the chance to see her interact with the love of her life, and photographing that relationship, was beyond amazing. An honor, really.The chilled wet weather did nothing to dampen our spirits as we explored Port Huron and some of Kristen’s favorite spots she wanted to show Eric last fall. I’ve been waiting until her wedding week to blog this session. It turned out to be one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time, for so many reasons. I’m honored to stand up with Kristen on her big day in LESS THAN ONE WEEK!! And more than that, I’m fortunate to be able to call her, and Eric, friends.
May your days be filled with dancing, laughter, and adventure.
Always. ❤

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