The Ten Social Media Commandments For Stay-at-Home Entrepreneurs

1. Thou shalt remember at all times that this is not the first time your client has been marketed for this very product.
Have patience with us. If we blow off your efforts to sell us the latest and greatest, just keep in mind that this is probably the 7th time in the last month we’ve been approached. So give us space. And when you do offer, let us know┬áin your own words, not scripted, why what you’re selling is gonna be so great. Continue reading “The Ten Social Media Commandments For Stay-at-Home Entrepreneurs”

And So This Is Christmas

“What do you want for Christmas?”

I think I’ve asked that question to every child that’s come into the studio this holiday season.
And I’ve heard everything from legos to a dinosaur that shall be called Sam.

Funny how we stop asking adults that question.
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Living With Awareness

Earlier in the year, I woke up one morning with a severe neck spasm. I had no range of motion, my head ached with the pain radiating up from my neck and shoulders – and I couldn’t find any relief. Several hours later, I found myself in a walk-in clinic being handed muscle relaxers and pain killers.
It doesn’t sound horrible unless you’ve experienced it.
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Location, Location, Location | Finding A Perfect Place For Portraits

Picture a lovely fairy princess with a golden, satin ball gown.
Her hair is piled high on her head around her shiny crown.
Her hands are sparkling with jeweled rings and diamond bracelets.

And she’s standing in front of a dumpster with a stray alley cat hanging out the top. Continue reading “Location, Location, Location | Finding A Perfect Place For Portraits”