Location, Location, Location | Finding A Perfect Place For Portraits

Picture a lovely fairy princess with a golden, satin ball gown.
Her hair is piled high on her head around her shiny crown.
Her hands are sparkling with jeweled rings and diamond bracelets.

And she’s standing in front of a dumpster with a stray alley cat hanging out the top. Continue reading “Location, Location, Location | Finding A Perfect Place For Portraits”

Graduation Nation | the LauraKathryn Senior Portrait

We’ve all come a long way from that infamous blue background and the faux Greek columns, haven’t we?
I feel at liberty to poke fun at those, because for my senior portraits, I was photographed with both.
And a giant Styrofoam star that I sat on.
But that’s irrelevant. Continue reading “Graduation Nation | the LauraKathryn Senior Portrait”

Breaking All the Rules | A Clothing Guide For Portraits

You’ve all heard the phrase “rules are meant to be broken.” I don’t know who said that first, but it probably was someone that was instructed to wear matching striped sweaters with his sister for the family photo session.
While it’s true that there are certain guidelines to acknowledge while choosing clothes and accessories for your session, keep in mind that these rules might need to be re-introduced in a fresh new way. Continue reading “Breaking All the Rules | A Clothing Guide For Portraits”

Dear Momma | A To-Do List

Hi Momma,

I know today is the day we’re supposed to make sure we treat you extra special and let you rest. I really hope you like the card and flowers we got you. We love getting you gifts and making sure you know how much we love you.

When you get a chance, could you look over this list of things we need? Continue reading “Dear Momma | A To-Do List”

Eight Things Your Photographer Wants To Tell You

When I meet a client face to face for the first time, it’s usually on the same day as our shoot. They’re busy; I’m busy, the kiddos’ hairstyles are already getting mussed, so unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot of time to relax and chat on a personal level. The introductions are usually a bit rushed and before we know it, the camera’s out, the props are set, and everyone is saying cheese. But as the session takes shape and personalities come alive, I often wish I would have thought to suggest a few pointers to build on, making their session one to remember, for all the RIGHT reasons. Here are some “for instances”.

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