Everyone has a story worth telling.
And only you can tell your story like it should be told. The plot has already been written, the characters have been cast…and my mission is to illustrate the stories you wish to tell. All good storybooks have pictures. They offer descriptions to the words that are not easy to explain. They expose the deep love behind the most mundane of daily activities. All photos are made up of light and shadows. A child’s bright smile captured on camera during a dark time makes you remember life will not always be this way; that there are wonderful days ahead. There are still plenty of chapters to go before we reach the epilogue. It’s the laughter and love and hugs and sweetness and adventures we long to hang on to forever. I am overjoyed when I can present you with a portrait that embodies all you hold dear. My heartbeat is to create high quality photographs that will give your story color and beauty, and have fun with you while doing it. Because you’re just that much more beautiful when you’re happy.And I do believe in the inherent beauty and worth of every single person on this planet, no matter how old or how young they are.It’s why I strive to create a wonderful experience for each client I meet – I want you to walk away with more than a couple of nice 8×10’s and a new profile picture. If you finish a LauraKathryn Photography session with more confidence in yourself and deeper love for your family and the story you’re telling together , than my mission is complete.

 Laura Kate | An Interview

Q: Where are you from?
A: Nestled in the middle of corn fields, tall pines, and wide lakes lies a little town on the eastern side of Michigan. (And that sounded a lot more idyllic than it really is) It’s been my home since I was 5 years old. After high school, I spent a couple years of sunshine and humidity down in Pensacola, but soon after I headed back north.

Q:How did LauraKathryn.Photography begin?
A: Slowly. I mean, I’ve always loved taking photos. Actually, I think my love for portraiture and faces began long before I ever picked up a camera. I had notebooks filled with drawings of women and children (I wasn’t very good at drawing men) when I was a young girl. I would try to draw faces that portrayed  a significant emotion – anger, or sadness, or happiness. I wasn’t very good, but even then I think I was curious about people and their feelings. Plus it was a creative outlet for me since I hadn’t discovered photography yet. In high school and college, I was that friend that always brought their camera to parties before the advent of smart phones. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, I was already beginning to take an interest in other people’s stories. I was always putting together slideshows for weddings or graduation parties, but I never fully realized how much more I could create with a knowledge of professional photography. Then four or five years ago someone asked me to take some photos for their Christmas card. I look back on that session and half laugh/half cringe. There I was with a tripod and a little Canon Powershot point-in-shoot set in Program mode. But I learned something with that session – I really loved interacting with people. And I enjoyed bringing them to a point where they began having so much fun with one another that they almost forgot I was there. From there I gained the confidence I needed to start asking people if I could take their pictures, and I will be eternally grateful to those that said yes. It took many hours with many books, many online tutorials, and many failed shots before I could say “I’m a photographer” without stuttering out the words. 

Q:Besides photography, what are some of your other loves?
A:I have a fascination with old things. Vintage pieces that I can re-purpose.Put a hazelnut mocha in my hand and turn me loose in an antique store, and the only way to lure me back out is to offer me a refill of coffee (which I have an addiction to and have no plans to seek intervention for it). I’m a self-proclaimed history nerd (the kind that actually reads history books for fun) with a curiosity for places I’ve never been to. Oh, then there’s the long list of things and people that make me happy and content like baby elephants,classic films, Jesus and His goodness, hugs from my best friend’s little boys, eating cereal, taking jogs with Spotify, pretty scarves, organizing, laughing….I love to laugh and love people that can make me laugh at myself.

Q: What three words would you use to describe your style of photography?
A:  Simple. Happy. Timeless.

Q: What scares you?
A: Missing out on a great opportunity because I was too chicken to take a chance. And spiders. Those things are nasty.

Q:What drives you?
A: Knowing how many people there are out there that don’t recognize just how lovely they are. This world saturates us with the mindset that you can gain more attention and respect dependent on your outward appearance. While that unfortunately may be true, that is so damaging, and it’s all wrong. I’m not going to change the world with a few photo sessions, but I do my best to bring my clients to a place where they are comfortable enough to be themselves. That way I can show them just how beautiful they are.

Q: What’s the best part of the business?
A: The interaction with the clients. I’ve made some really good friends with some of them and I’m grateful for that. And the kids! Oh gosh, I love the kids. Children sessions are my favorite,without a doubt. I can be as goofy as I want to be and they don’t judge. And they’re so transparent – every little thought is written on their sweet faces. I can’t tell you how much I love hearing a client tell me their child is super excited to come see me again – that tells me they had an experience they enjoyed.

Q: Quick, tell us three random things about you. GO!
A: I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. I can’t do a pull-up to save my life, or anyone else’s. I put applesauce on peanut butter and toast. 

What are your thoughts?

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